About DFM Technology

We are DFM Technology

We are a contract manufacturing company for the oil and gas and aerospace industry

DFM Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a 100 % Export Oriented Unit based in Bangalore India manufacturing a wide variety of machined parts and electromechanical assemblies. The company offers quality products at globally competitive prices.

With us as your partner, you can be absolutely confident that you are getting the best solution for all your machinery or product safety compliance and engineering projects.

  • Vision

    To foster the development of cutting edge products by adding manufacturability insights into the loop starting from a concept development phase.

  • Mission

    To provide end to end engineering solutions from concept to manufactured product while meeting industry standards for quality, time, cost and sustainability.

  • Milestones
    • 2001 – Company founded to manufacture precision machined components for the oilfield service sector.
    • 2004 – Started CNC turning and milling operations in a then newly acquired 4000 sq ft manufacturing facility
    • 2009 – Facility expanded to manufacture pressure housings for wireline tools. This included addition of 2 pressure vessels to perform pressure tests upto 20,000 psi. In House honing and deep hole drilling capability was added
    • 2011 - Quality department was upgraded to include CMM and Magnetic particle inspection capability
    • 2012 – 2 additional units were acquired to expand the total manufacturing footprint to 32,000 sq ft. In house TIG and MIG welding capability was developed. In house EDM capability was added.
    • 2014 – Assembly room and testing capability added for developing subassembilies
    • 2015 – DFM is TUV quailed and begins aerospace operations.
    • 2017 – 5th Axis DMG machining centers added to handle highly complex wear parts
    • 22018 – Quality Engineering expanded with 2 new CMM machines
    • 2019 – 4 wire EDM machines added to reduce time spent in roughing operations
    • 2021 – Design for manufacturability activities in Houston, TX - USA to work alongside customers to make drawing changes based on our deep manufacturing experience
    • 2022 – Automated manufacturing capability development with 6 axis ABB robots. DFM Plant 2 with 20,000 sq ft manufacturing space.
We are DFM Technology

Key Sectors

DFM Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a 100 % Export Oriented Unit based in Bangalore India manufacturing a wide variety of machined parts and electromechanical assemblies. DFM has advantage in Engineering design and develop the most appropriate process for your product line. We offer products and services to our customers , who are always satisfied from our Quality and Delivery performance We believe we are a one-stop solution provider to our clients, with a capability to manufacture diverse range of products across sectors. Key products manufactured by us for the Aerospace and Oil & Gas sectors include precision components, machining castings & forgings and sub-assemblies.

Aerospace Sector

DFM is a leading Class one supplier of Aerospace components and landing gear systems to global aerospace industry. Our work is driven by the continually increasing demand for Aircrafts and growth of Aerospace Industry.

Our capability to manufacture critical precision components enable our customers reduce their costs, by not sourcing outside India for the same. We believe that our advanced manufacturing processes coupled with our technological and engineering expertise have enabled us to provide high precision components to Aerospace Industry. Some of the materials we have been working with ease and manufacturing critical components are from Titanium, Aluminum, Toughmet,13-8, 17-4 PH ,15-5 high strength Alloys

OIL & GAS Sector

The facility can produce turnkey downhole instrumentation assemblies to customer specifications. Assemblies can be tested under downhole conditions of high pressure and temperature. Assemblies can be calibrated under these conditions.

We believe in manufacturing processes that are strong Technically Engineered and Customer oriented throughout various stages of product development including design, validation, testing so that the components manufactured meet their expectations. We benefit from a large and reliable supplier base for our raw materials and special processes, such as surface treatment and heat treatment, which enable us timely manufacture and delivery of components.